The Inner Work Academy is set up to help you take life on as your you ally and teacher. Here you’ll discover self-development resources that make sense. You’ll learn how to apply powerfully simple inner work skills to the context of your life. Ensuring you are in harmony with your inner forces not at odds with them. The results are organic, natural and feel right because they come from you.  Here you learn how to hone your intuition, polish your heart and find your feet at long last.

A unique self-coaching and soul mentoring experience, the Inner Work Academy is a place dedicated to assisting you in listening to your heart. 


Support That Makes a Difference

You have a unique path to travel, one that’s solely your own. No-one else has your particular set of characteristic, desires or soul qualities. No-one else has your particular destiny.


The future calls you onward, your soul has plans, you know instinctively where you’re going but you’re stuck, delayed and maybe even side-tracked at the moment and it's really frustrating.


It's that moment when you know you’ve reached a cross-road... it's a point where you realize you need to step back, re-assess who you are and who you want to be. It's the moment in which you make some heart re-orienting decisions.  Decisions that will direct how you'll live your life in the future.

To help you through this challenging time, we invite you to explore our exciting online learning programmes designed with you in mind. Self-paced and experiential, you begin learning and implementing the skills of inner work right from the get-go. 

Red Shoes - Understand the traps of addiction, co-dependence and being a good girl. Heal a world of woes through significant self-exploration of childhood, family of origin and relationship patterns. Private, sacred and life-changing inner work.  Reclaiming your wild soul through creativity and honest self-reflective practice.


New Beginnings - 6 weeks of sorting, planning, setting new intentions, throwing things out, and implementing a realistic nourishing self-care action plan immediately. Reorienting you to the good in your life.

Fallen Angels - a series of online teaching modules, done in the privacy of your own home. Here you can explore, inquire and dig deeply into your psyche. To reclaim your soul's wisdom and come to belong to yourself again.  


Journaling Through Difficult Times - Shame, guilt, isolation and depression are approached with due respect and new life-affirming skills developed. This course is great for those introverted highly sensitives amongst us who prefer to work away diligently on the big things until they crack the code of their past. 


All courses are taught via online learning with the option of companion coaching when you need it.  Send a request through the contact form about enrolling.  The courses are tailored to your unique needs. Companion coaching with the inner work content is also offered if required.




Live in a Soulful Authentic Manner

This service is a favourite among many of my clients, as it is oftentimes one of the keys to a happier, healthier life. Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond. With Inner Work mentoring sessions, you’ll learn how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you. Learning the Inner Work tools and techniques to achieve a happier and freer lifestyle you will become more self-aware and confident in handling issues as they arise. You will find you are clearer, more able to identify what you truly need and comfortable with what you have to do to create the changes you desire. Call now to schedule a session.


Become Your Own Oracle
Guidance & Inspiration

“Our inner images show us the faces of our own inner wisdom and have the power to generate the energy needed for life-affirming change.” Julie-Anne Wood 

Soul Collage Sessions are a delicious combination of Inner Work, Reflective Journaling, Imagination, Intuition & Collage Image-making. They are fun and enlivening experiences.

 Our Soul Oracle collages images speak the language of our soul, guiding us and informing us of our true needs and personality dynamics. They evoke healing forces from within our psyche and become our own personal sources of oracular wisdom. 

Classes will be announced through the newsletter.


Embrace Life’s Challenges through Creative Journaling

Self-discovery is the object of these group sessions - with inner reflection and artistic expression encouraged as doorways to personal insight, self-awareness and self-development. Using a combination of expressive writing, image-making, group sharing, meditations and guided imagery for self-understanding and enhancing emotional health.


People who are dealing with emotional ill health and physical health problems will benefit greatly from these sessions and so will others who are interested in self-empowerment through investigating their own creativity. No artistic ability is necessary to participate as these events are for deep personal self-inquiry and self-expression. They do not require participants to have expertise in any media, only an interest in and openness to exploring their innate creative potential exploring what makes them who they are. 


Please contact me - Julie-Anne directly for more information about the courses offered and if they are right for you. Each course is tailored individually after an initial discovery session which is free. 

In-Person or via Skype, Zoom or Mobile

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