Julie-Anne Wood is the founder of Inner Work Academy - a contemporary voice for personal empowerment and self-discovery. She is a professional life coach, transpersonal counsellor, educational writer and creative workshop facilitator, providing inspiration and innovative coaching for soul-directed people. Her Inner Work coaching style encompasses metaphysical principles that identify a more in-depth, broader and unified world view.


Her highly refined intuitive skills enable her to listen on many levels to what is going on for clients. Her vision for what is truly possible in people’s lives are essential parts of the unique skill set she brings to the coaching relationship.

Julie-Anne has built her practice to function completely location independent and is able to work with people one-on-one all over the world. If you have tried everything, but still have not been able to get the help, the depth, and the meaningful results you are looking for, Inner Work can help you.

Recently Julie-Anne was invited to author an online learning experience for Inward Pathways. This provided the opportunity to further develop her Inner Work materials into a form that can be quickly learnt and implemented by healing and health professionals. These creative materials are offered as a Certificate or Diploma of Inner Work, providing benefits that are two-fold for students. Initially, as a means of self-development and education, secondly as adjunct methods for therapists to incorporate into their modality skill sets.


Julie-Anne holds a BA in Visual Art from Sydney College of the Arts, an Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Emotional Release Counseling, Post Graduate qualifications in Rehabilitation Counseling and Clinical Art Therapy from Sydney University. She is a qualified SoulCollage® facilitator and a Certified Professional Coach with the International Coach Academy.

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