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Becoming more of who we truly are.

Wellness Coaching & The Healing Journey

Becoming more of who we truly are.

(Transpersonal psychology)

– Inner Work It is not about making someone into something they are not. It is a transformational dynamic that emphasises the value and purpose of intuition, inspiration, creativity, common sense and natural laws. It keeps us in harmony with those around us and teaches us how to honour our own wishes without hurting other people.

Within this work we concentrate on creating a bridge, a communication pathway between the outer personality sometimes called the ego and the deep knowing, the longing, the soulful urges within the human being. It includes the realms of the mystical and the soulful dimensions of the human being. It does not intrude on anyone’s belief system and can be practised by Christians, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists alike. People from non-sectarian background benefit from these methods as they enable a transition from materialism to transformational action through the intermediary of their own intellect and hearts knowing.

The pursuit and discovery of meaning is a primary drive within the human experience. When we do Inner Work the primary aim is to move all the aspects of ourselves into one dynamic, cooperative, harmonious relationship. This relationship is then activated towards personal healing and the manifestation of your unique purpose in life.

Western civilization is in crisis as people are becoming more and more disconnected from living a simple, meaningful and purposeful life, one in which they enjoy the process of living for its own sake. The singular focus of extreme materialism in Western culture has bought with it isolation, competition, selfishness and separation. As a person reclaims their own inner transformational dynamics through the Inner Work they do, naturally the desire to cooperate and share with other arises. Inner work will support your own movement towards healing this Western illness.

Inner work helps you to make authentic decisions about who you are and what you want while at the same time taking into consideration the context in which you live. As a human spirit we are constantly seeking to grow further into our purpose, to develop our intellectual capabilities and to take up our rightful place within the community.

Inner Work offers you

· A means to grow beyond limitations, develop your emotional intelligence and learn more about yourself.

· The ability to act on what you know, to take actions that will improve situations from both the inner and outer viewpoints.

· A direct connection to the mystical aspects of yourself.

· A connection between the conscious and unconscious aspects of the personality.

· The creative grounding of our life path and a birthing of our ideas into action.

· Better interpersonal relationships.

· A way to participate in life that is peaceful, authentic and meaningful.


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