• Julie-Anne Wood

Coaching in Times of Personal Transition

Transitions are times when our being and our spirit are bought heavily into question.

We feel lost and disoriented and the things that used to satisfy us lose their flavour

and become dull. We have come to a watershed and stand before ourselves asking

for a different experience to the one we have created so far.

These are the wake up call moments when we have pledged to ourselves in the late

hours of the early morning after another night of broken sleep that we will enact

change in our live and our relationships. We seek to find another way, a different and

more nurturing way than the one we have been living.

We prod ourselves and seek answers as we move through the stages of transition.

We question our personal motivation, we need more of what has heart and meaning

for us and less of what is before us on a daily basis. We shake in our shoes because

we know it is up to us to create a new and better reality. It’s exciting and it’s

terrifying all at the same time. We want to jump into the void shouting out that we

are free and at the same time we want to know there is a safety net there to catch us

as we freefall into the future.

These are challenging time when we are asked to go within and question our very

reason for living.

These are the times when we make big, bold steps towards an unknown future.

This is when we decide to trust the mystery of life and move forward in a new way

letting ourselves be taken and directed by our inner knowing.

Transitions are “wake-up calls” that develop our inner resources and stimulate us to

grow beyond what we know.

Transitions, which almost always begin as personal downsizing, soon produce

renewal, resilience, energy, passion, and purpose, which become the foundation of

the next chapter of our lives.

Most clients, when they arrive for coaching, are already in a “transition,” that is they

are moving from one stage of being to another. They are questioning the old and

asking for the new.

They begin by shedding many negative and limiting beliefs about who they thought

they were and what their life was for, as they begin to reassess their purpose and life


This unravelling and letting go of what they thought they knew requires some

grieving of the past. Once this is done and the past is acknowledged, honoured and

integrated, clients begin the process of eventually taking on, exploring, discovering

and living their next life chapter.

Transitions have relatively predictable sequences from:

1. Feeling lost and disoriented,

2. To feeling liberated and whole,

3. To engaging intensely in new learning, creative endeavours, and networking,

4. To feeling ready to begin a new life/career chapter.


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