• Julie-Anne Wood

Finding Your Way to the Real World

A different experience of one’s personal self, of time, of the living world.

The values needed are congruent with the assertions of the mystics, the romantics, people ordinarily regarded as completely impractical.

1. The value of surrender to the natural flow of life.

2. The futility of pursuing material satisfactions.

3. The possibility of attaining a mode of existence superior to the so called normal life.

4. No-thing – that God is immanent in all things yet cannot be defined by the rational mind. That ‘God’ that ‘love’ is immanent in every man and in everything.

From birth to adulthood we have been adapting to outside forces and objects. In doing so we have become objects ourselves rather than experience joyful participation in life as waves of god consciousness bought into manifestation in order to worship and glorify our Maker. To surrender to this immanent force seems to the rational self, like a loss or a passivity or a threat of slavery. When in truth it is an opportunity to servant hood to the divine imperative. What could be a greater gift than this?

The blessing of the modern world is the possibility for freedom, to be what we really are, in our unique God given form. The paradox is that in this act of submission to the divine we do not surrender our uniqueness or our autonomy as the rational mind would tell us we do. We do not surrender our will to a tyrant rather we surrender our little mind to the greater mind, our hard heart to the softest heart of all, our petty tyrant of a will to the divine compassionate and merciful will.

We have tolerated living in a socially constructed world, devoid of God. Our education has formed us to operate on the world in an action mode based on domination and appropriation. This has taken over our minds, narrowed our lives, and strangled our very life force out of us, drying out our inner fecund places and harrowing our outlook, until we are shocked to find we have become predators ourselves. Seeking what we can get from life rather than what we can give.

By freeing ourselves we are freeing the world at the same time. By combining our strength, and skill each of us can participate in service to a larger goal.

We are blind, ignorant of reality and a little crazy most of the time, caught up in a phantom world made up of thinking, seeking to escape this mental prison by doing more of the same, thinking. Our theories, our concepts, our mental images are fantasies which we continually recreate and vary always trying through this mental activity to solve our problems, conquer the world or create security. Within this mental framework we cannot see the world in all its glory.

Attention, watchfulness, meditation is the key. Watching what draws you back into attachment, back into confusion, back into disempowerment. Our beloved prophet Mohammed said “attachment to objects makes men blind and deaf,”. What are you attached to people, money, power, approval, pleasure?

Trace them back inside yourself……………..

This reflection is based on the teachings of Arthur J Deikman, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, and a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology and Human Givens. 1929b-2013d.


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