• Julie-Anne Wood

The Unknown is the domain of greatest opportunity.

Updated: May 5

Courage doesn't come from being fearless. It comes from digging one's heels firmly into the ground and standing up to what obviously seems to be a very tricky situation. Maybe even insurmountable at the time. Otherwise, you wouldn't need courage at all.

It's facing a situation that has much more power than you. It's standing up to the Unknown, to something stronger than you. It's being brave enough to risk making a mistake or heaven forbid to even to make a mistake. That's what's at stake when we are dealing with the unknown. Mistakes, fear, humiliation, power and powerlessness.

Sometimes courage is just plain fortitude and downright bloody-mindedness in the face of chaos and confusion. This staunchness is what then opens the way for change. The simple fact that you didn't back down, you kept going even though you didn't know the outcome, or where the hell you would end up. This is perhaps a much more realistic definition of courage.

Faith and forward movement is what will bring you through. And guess what when you get to where you're going it's not going to be how you thought it would be anyway, so what the heck just enjoy the ride. But we by nature doubts and hesitate, second guess and wish things were not so challenging.

It's all process and adjustment, along with a big dash of intention and compassion thrown in. The soul wants you to experience your capacities, to stretch and expand your knowledge about what is possible for you. So presto here we are in the unknown, feeling cowardly and all alone. But this is how we get to grow.

Courage in the face of the unknown, is the juice that can move us into action, it supports us in our vulnerability and rewards us with wisdom and resilience.


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