• Julie-Anne Wood

Unlearn Now

Now more than ever is the time to Unlearn. We must unlearn, our past mistakes, our failings, our greed, our wilful insistence that the world be how we want it to be. Or we will continue to fail at this experiment called life.

We need now to beg and plead and implore our better angels to help us. Help us to feel more fully, to integrate what we are doing as we do it, intuit deeply our hearts imperatives and to respond to what life wants of us. Not what we want from life all the time.

Unlearning requires


Not with lip service but with real acknowledgement. Acknowledging that the operating systems within our hearts is not faulty, we can trust it. Initially, we have to acknowledge the plain fact that our current consciousness, which creates our skills, behaviours, and attitudes is no longer producing the best results for us. Or those billions of others we share our life experience with. This includes the animals, the ocean, the planet and the universe and all the unseen beings as well.

Einstein said it well... ‘We can not solve a problem with the same thinking we used when we created them’.

In my experience, this is usually the hardest part, to acknowledge and really own our own role in the mess we are in. This is shadow work and its vitally important to know how to do it.


This requires us to let go of what we have learned. To do our best to stop doing whatever actions or activities our learning has led to and to instead become available for new learning. Opening to possibilities, opening to uncertainty and being vulnerable.


Letting go of what’s not working and releasing old behaviours and attitudes is, of course, usually really hard to do. While we never truly erase what we have learned before, we can replace it or modify it with new learning, new intentions, new knowledge that serves us and others well.

None of this easy. Indeed, unlearning is usually significantly harder than learning.


Openness, Curiosity, Acceptance, Generosity, Kindness, Not Knowing for sure, and Deep Listening as alternative actions in our learning process.

The brave act is, of course, then to apply this.


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