Introduction to Dream Work

Introduction to Dream Work

A 4 Step Jungian approach to understanding and working with our dreams.

In the first step we form the foundation for interpreting the dream by finding

the associations that spring out of your unconscious in response to the dream

imagery. Every dream is made up of a sequence of images, atmospheres and

sensations, so our dream work begins by discovering just what meaning

those images have for us personally. In this work we do no use dream interpretation books. You yourself become the source of wisdom.......................

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    Introduction to Dream Work

    The world you see in your dreams is the inner world that exists outside of

    time and space. Some of its energy and its significance must be lived in this

    human world of the here-and-now. I believe our dreams need to be honoured by finding their purpose and way into our daily life; for a dreams precious truth will be easily lost unless we live it’s meaning.

    T h e  g e n e r a l  f u n c t i o n  o f  d r e a m s  i s  t o r e s t o r e  o u r

    psy c h o l o g i c a l  b a l a n c e  b y  p r o d u c i n g  d r e a m 

    m a t e r ia l  t h a t  r e - e s t a b l i s h e s , i n a suble way

    t h e  t o t a l  p s y c h i c e  q u i l i b r i u m .

    CARL JUNG, Man and His Symbols


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