Journaling for Self Discovery

Journaling for Self Discovery

Journaling for Self-Discovery – 12 In depth journaling exercises exploring significant life transitions.

Based on the work of depth psychologist Ira Progoff.

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    The Sacred Space Inside Us

    I believe that for all of us there is a still quiet sacred space within our hearts,

    that when accessed will pour forth its love and grace into our lives.

    Journaling is a wonderful way to access that sacred intimate space and the

    exercises in these pages will allow you to do that. They are derived from the

    work of Ira Progoff, who was a practicing depth psychologist and Director of

    the Institute for Research in Depth Psychology at Drew University from 1959

    to 1971. Dr. Progoff conducted research on the dynamic process by which

    individuals develop more fulfilling lives. As a psychotherapist, he found that

    the clients who wrote in some form of a journal were able to work through

    issues more rapidly.


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