Happy Clients

Julie Anne's supportive and intuitive coaching helped me grow in ways I didn't know were possible."

Dana Zurbuchen, Media Consultant

“Thank you Julie-Anne - You coached me when I was in a very vulnerable space, with enormous financial insecurity hanging over me. I was feeling powerless, with your always insightful feedback during our sessions, I am back in control, able to delegate and no longer feel as though I’m the only person responsible for sorting everything out."

Jane Gillespie, author of Journey to Me

"Julie-anne is a true partner on your road to living your dreams; I have made more progress with Julie-anne in living my life purposefully than I have made in many years – I will always be truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her."

Wendy- Senior Business Consultant (Systems)


Happy Participants

"The workshop helped me to see the distractions I let take me off my path, it helped me clarify my next steps and supported me in identifying the issue and the blocks that are in my way. It was presented with integrity and professionalism and great exercises. The art exercises and the symbols worked well for me."

Denise Boland Artist

"The importance of being clear about what one’s values are and the importance of aligning those values with every action taken in life. It reminded me to stand still, take stock and find true north and reassured me of my own good judgement. The workshop occurred during a period of turbulent change in my life and underscored the mystery of the workings of the universe."

Jean Lloyd-Apjohn

"The visual element of the workshop, the pictures, symbols, the wheel all helped me to connect the past to the present, I loved the supportive environment and the good energy, it was an important step towards fulfilment on my journey. Powerful, valuable, helpful and positive."

Lisa Simpson


Happy Participants

"Useful, beautiful, transformative, hands on and inspiring.

You facilitate a beautiful intuitive space and you have a wonderful presence that generates transformation."


"I let the tears fall for the first time and felt myself heal. There were so many benefits from the workshop, I began clearing a path for myself through life that I feel so much more content with. You are very comfortable with you capabilities and angel like abilities and you exude compassion. The day was profound for me."


"Today I got in touch with my energy force. I understood what is causing discomfort, worry and stress and I discovered simple ways to open up and release this energy and overcome my fears of my power."


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